About us

We provide software development services and digital communication solutions.

IT Solutions and Digital Communication

Founded in 2005, “SNJ” operates in the Information Technology and Digital Communication sector. Thanks to its many years of experience, it develops customized IT solutions and offers software services and related IT services.

We combine methodologies, analysis skills and problem solving thanks to a team capable of supporting digital transformation and guaranteeing the continuity of its clients’ business by reconciling effectiveness, cost reduction and return on investment. SNJ Media Studio pays particular attention to the development of interfaces (UX Experience) and integration issues between company systems.

Since our foundation we have always worked enthusiastically to provide complex Web and Mobile solutions to our customers.

Areas of intervention

Our Business Sectors

We help businesses grow and stay relevant in the digital world.
We do this through advanced technological services and solutions, strategic thinking and a pragmatic approach.

Web Design and Multimedia

We guarantee maximum professionalism in the design and creation of web applications and portals in all their aspects, from analysis and design to technological maintenance to the production of multimedia content.

Software Development

We offer our solutions in the context of integration between company systems. With this in mind, we take care of the development of applications capable of improving the efficiency of internal processes and the effectiveness of relationships between the different sectors.

Digital Marketing

We plan and execute digital marketing strategies which include, for example, positioning activities (SEO), online campaigns based on Google Ads and Facebook Ads and social profile management activities and Social Media Marketing activities.
Why SNJ?

Our philosophy
Agile and Efficient Approach


We promote an interactive, results-oriented approach for better customer service in terms of quality and costs. We continuously refine our methodology to meet customer expectations through accelerated development programs and high-quality results.


We work to analyze and understand the customer's concrete needs in a pragmatic way to provide software solutions created to generate economic returns, establish communication channels or simplify business operations.

Global Partner

We are an ideal partner capable of providing cross services between software development, digital communication and corporate identity. This characteristic of multi-service partners constitutes the main strength of the company as it allows it to have an overall vision of ICT projects.

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